ADHD Treatments for Children

At the Child Development Centre we specialise in Retained Reflex Syndrome (RRS), which provides a practical understanding of the causes of ADHD in children and adults combined with an effective and individually tailored treatment programme.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that affects a child’s ability to concentrate and stay focused. Although symptoms of ADHD can differ with each child, many children who suffer from ADHD have difficulty following directions and finishing tasks. They are also very impulsive and have excessive energy. These issues can carry through to adult behavioural issues if not successfully addressed in childhood. Our therapists believe Retained Reflex Syndrome (RRS), is at the root of neuro-developmental delay and the cause of many childhood and adult disorders including ADHD.

Children with ADHD and adults with associated issues can frequently respond successfully toappropriate intervention. At the Child Development centre we provide the Mulhall Integration Programme (MIP), a range of techniques tailored to the needs of the individual.