Glue Ear Treatments

At the Child Development Centre we specialise in Retained Reflex Syndrome (RRS), which provides a practical understanding of the causes of some variants of recurring glue ear combined with an effective and individually tailored natural treatment programme without resorting to drugs or other invasive medical procedures.

Glue ear or otitis media occurs when the middle ear fills with a glue-like sticky fluid instead of air. This fluid dampens the vibrations made by sound waves as they travel through the eardrum and ossicles. The cochlea in turn also receives dampened vibrations, and so the apparent volume of hearing is reduced. This is why glue ear children display symptoms such selective hearing and dulled responses. A child’s speech and language development may be affected by glue ear. Our therapists believe Retained Reflex Syndrome (RRS), is at the root of neuro-developmental delay and the cause of many childhood and adult disorders including some cases of glue ear.

Children (and adults) with glue ear can frequently respond successfully to appropriate intervention. At the Child Development Centre we provide the Mulhall Integration Programme (MIP), a range of techniques tailored to the needs of the individual.