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The Mulhall Integration Programme has been developed over the past 25 years, first by David Mulhall and then by Alexander Mulhall.

We have treated more than 3000 clients and tailor-make each programme to the individual. Everyone we see has their own issues relating to different retained reflexes and is seen personally to ensure continuity of treatment.

Alex Mulhall
B.Sc (Hons)
London born, educated at King's College Wimbledon and Harrow School and later graduating from Leeds Met. He is now the principal Consultant at the Centre. He has been trained by David in the unique MIP method and has also worked alongside David while honing his ability to diagnose and treat RRS. Alex has also been trained in other related methods in UK centres. He continues to pursue and learn on his own interest in an attempt to further the practice he provides. His own treatment by David as a child for dyslexic traits and later, as a young adult as a result of sporting injuries, has enabled him to bring insights to the the clinic that normally would take many years of experience to acquire. It was a direct result of these injuries that led him to discover a fascination for the way in which RRS can restrict personal development. Alex has the same passion and commitment as his father and has contributed new approaches to the Mulhall Integration Programme, which have enhanced the results we are seeing at the clinic.

Constance Novis
B Mus Perf (Toronto), MA DMP
A graduate of the University of Roehampton’s Master’s Degree programme in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Constance is a member of the UK Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK). To date, she has nearly 900 hours experience in placement, 235 of which were direct clinical hours facilitating DMP sessions in groups and one to one. She has worked with children with special educational needs, Autism Spectrum Disorder, selective mutism, Down’s Syndrome and gender transition. She has worked with adults in a psychiatric acute community team setting, and in a national mental health charity with people with severe and enduring mental health issues who are living in the Recovery Model in the community. She also works with adults with multiple and complex needs, intellectual difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition, she has a specialist interest in using embodiment to understand and manage the effects of trans-generationally transmitted trauma.

About DMP

David Mulhall
B.Sc (Hons)
Following a successful career in Reuters, David Mulhall B.Sc. decided on a complete change to pursue an interest in a field that had always fascinated him. He set up the Clinic 1995 specialising in treatment in the then unknown field of developmental delay. For the next 20 years David steadily built a reputation as a pioneer in this poorly understood area of developmental health. In 2009 he started using the term Retained Reflex Syndrome in order to draw attention to the many different ways reflexes can inhibit personal development. This term is now widely used and accepted as having great significance in many developmental delay conditions. In 2010 he began to to experience problems with speech which was eventually diagnosed in 2012 as Pseudobulbar Palsy, a slow form of MND. Since the start of 2015 he has had to limit his client involvement but remains as actively involved with the clinic as the condition allows.

Amanda Daniels
Practice Manager
Amanda, born on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia, is our practice manager. She previously spent several years as head nurse and treatment coordinator at a top orthodontics practice in Australia. Seeking adventure she then joined the Emirates crew. There she flew the world for three years working corporate promotions at major Emirates sponsored sporting events! She is now focused on working with the Child Development Centre to help as many children as possible. Already she has implemented fresh approaches to improve the practice as she seeks to ensure a better service to all our patients, big and small. She is always on hand to answer questions and her genuine interest to help is second to none.

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