Our Patients

  • "I have hope again, can respond to my own feelings and am no longer shut-down, feeling overwhelmingly desolate. It definitely worked for me."
  • "Sophia, who was under-confident, had low self-esteem, was unhappy at school, couldn’t focus or hear properly and couldn’t organise a trip to the corner shop has managed to get herself to Bristol University, get a good degree, get herself around every country in south and central America safely and land a job at Vogue against 690 other applicants. "    
  • "I can't believe how much this treatment has helped! A fantastic report, the best ever, a cup for Games, merits for hard work, Writing - English, Reading and even Maths."
  • "Michael, 9, has just got a merit badge for getting 8 really good marks at school (the first time ever). He has also just been made captain of the hockey team. It is all beginning to happen for him."
    BBC Radio 5 DDM
  • "No migraines at all. He is sleeping more and far better and even though bedtime is at 9.30pm he actually needs to be woken in the morning!"