Our Patients

  • "I have hope again, can respond to my own feelings and am no longer shut-down, feeling overwhelmingly desolate. It definitely worked for me."
  • "I'm his greatest fan. I am convinced that my son is only able to cope because of this. He's now in the choir, plays the guitar. He never showed any interest in music previously but now he wants to play the piano - quite extra-ordinary!"
  • "Tabitha had trouble at school not only applying herself but she was always easily led and coerced by "friends" into misbehaving. She repeatedly came in for the wrong kind of attention from her teachers!"
  • "Today, I do not need to take anti-depressants. I am organised, co-ordinated, walk normally and can run faster than I could at 18."
  • "I had been told by the NHS that there was no cure for dyspraxia, but that is was "liveable with". As an adult I had no formal diagnosis and was shuttled between my GP and an Adult Dyspraxia Support Group in my attempts to get one."