What is Retained Reflex Syndrome and who does it affect?

Our Patients

  • "I'm his greatest fan. I am convinced that my son is only able to cope because of this. He's now in the choir, plays the guitar. He never showed any interest in music previously but now he wants to play the piano - quite extra-ordinary!"
  • "Tabitha had trouble at school not only applying herself but she was always easily led and coerced by "friends" into misbehaving. She repeatedly came in for the wrong kind of attention from her teachers!"
  • "No migraines at all. He is sleeping more and far better and even though bedtime is at 9.30pm he actually needs to be woken in the morning!"
  • "Michael, 9, has just got a merit badge for getting 8 really good marks at school (the first time ever). He has also just been made captain of the hockey team. It is all beginning to happen for him."
    BBC Radio 5 DDM
  • "I can't believe how much this treatment has helped! A fantastic report, the best ever, a cup for Games, merits for hard work, Writing - English, Reading and even Maths."